Stay in the Fire

187Often, we start the new year in a blaze of excitement and glory. And then it slowly….dies…. down.

This year, I invite you to stay in the steady glow of the fire. To stay in the power of the commitments that you’ve made, the ones that really matter to you.

Here are three ingredients to help keep the fire burning:

Possibility: Possibility is your fuel. If you haven’t asked yourself “What’s possible for me and my business this year?”, now is … READ MORE

Grow and Harvest Your Ideas

riverbendcoaching_image_moveintoactionIf you’re a big-picture thinker, you probably have plenty of ideas running through your head. One of the best things about ideas is:

Ideas can grow anytime, anywhere, as long as they have the right conditions for growth.

I’m so pleased to announce that after 6 months of active gestation, I’ve launched this new website, dedicated to helping you create the conditions to grow your ideas from concept to contribution.

You’ll find three core tools and concepts to help you … READ MORE