Participant Experiences

“I enjoyed the workshop thoroughly. The use of images to depict the Essence of the types was beautiful and striking.”
– Patrick Fouche

“The visceral and experiential connection yielded something much different than mere explanation…[this was] a look beyond surface conceptions of self into a construct to access greater wholeness.”
– Nick Podgurski

“Working with Julie has been…about understanding myself down to my source code.”
– Randy Kissling

“I was struck by the deep compassion John has for humans and our inner growth work…in John’s workshop I felt seen, and validated, that I could see the humor in my struggles, and that inner work can come from a place of deep love for oneself and humanity. I appreciated the vulnerability, kindness, and humor in his teaching style.”

“A beautiful exploration and experience into archetypes and humanity. Deep dive into infinite possibilities.”

“A safe space to learn and experiment with self-understanding and bodily/spiritual/ mental integration…it felt so nurturing and nonjudgmental.”

“Each of the exercises felt very intentional and they allowed me to feel the nine Essences rather than just thinking through them.”

“John’s groundbreaking teaching is…a comprehensive and innovative understanding of the instincts that was honestly kind of mind-blowing. With the framework of what each instinct is truly about, I could see where I was undermining myself. Everything I learned that day continued to marinate for weeks after, and I continue to have new realizations.”

Inner Life with the Enneagram

Opening the doorway to the true nature of your human experience

Introductory Workshop Series
Breather, 150 West 28th Street (between Sixth and Seventh), Suite 404, Room 2, New York, NY

The Enneagram provides a powerful and effective means for cultivating your potential, and its insights are grounded in a lineage that includes ancient wisdom from diverse spiritual traditions as well as modern psychology. Although this compelling system has a vast range of applications, perhaps none is more beneficial and nourishing to our heart’s longing for something real than the development of an inner life. When we develop an inner life, we have the capacity for greater freedom – an unconditional presence that is unbound to the activity of the ego.

These introductory workshops, presented by two long-time students of the Enneagram and Inner Work modalities, will provide an illuminating window into the Nine Personality Types of the Enneagram. In particular, we’ll explore a variety of ways to be more present, compassionate, and resourceful in the dynamic relationship between the expansiveness of your Essential nature and the reactivity of your Egoic nature – the place where your spiritual nature and your human experience meet.

This is a modular series, with no pre-requisite for any of the individual events. Although you will get the fullest picture (and a 20% discount!) if you commit to all four, you can enter at any point, and attend whichever workshops suit your interest and schedule.

Price:  Each individual workshop, $25. All four workshops, $80 (20% discount).
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Monday, October 30, 7-9 pm
Being Fully Present: An Introduction to the Enneagram
All human beings have a natural style of movement in the world – what’s yours? Find out how seeing yourself even more clearly can help you to become more fully present to life’s gifts and possibilities. Includes:
• An introduction to the key insights of the Enneagram, including the roles of Essence and Personality, the Nine Types, and the Levels of Development
• An introduction to the Three Centers of intelligence, including practices to access the wisdom of each center
• Exercises to increase your ability to be present in your everyday life

Tuesday, November 14, 7-9 pm
The Power of Instinct: Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social Drives of the Enneagram
There is so much talk of “mindfulness” these days, but did you know that the ability to be mindful begins with your body? Come learn how being present with the sensations of your physical body is a foundational skill for personal development and spiritual work. Includes:
• An overview of the three instinctual drives that shape your everyday activities and the evolution of the species over time
• Practices that help you to contact the true needs of these drives, so that you can be a self-regulating and resilient vessel for intelligent, embodied action

Tuesday, November 28, 7-9 pm
Who am I? An Introduction to the Dynamics of the Enneagram
Does it sometimes seem like there’s no simple answer to who you are? In this workshop, you’ll find ways to appreciate, accept, and welcome the complexity of self. Includes:
• Why not rejecting anything about yourself is one key to allowing the free movement of Essence
• How you morph on a daily basis, depending on opportunities, stresses, and your level of resilience
• Practices to integrate yourself and let go of judgment

Tuesday, December 12, 7-9 pm
The Enneagram in Relationships
How can you be more attuned and skillful in both personal and professional relationships? Includes:
• An opportunity to better understand what motivates you and trips you up in relationship
• How to be your best self in relationship
• Ways to solve relationship conflicts

Register here:  Each individual workshop, $25. All four workshops, $80 (20% discount).
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About the Facilitators:

John Luckovich has been a heart-centered investigator of the Enneagram and a devotee of inner work for over a decade. He is deeply involved in the Gurdjieff Work, an apprentice Integrative Breathwork practitioner, and a painter who finds inspiration in his spiritual studies.



Julie Harris is the founder of Riverbend Coaching, where she blends diverse streams of wisdom into innovative and actionable development plans for her clients. She is certified as an integral coach, a Riso-Hudson Enneagram teacher, and a yoga teacher.


The Essence Qualities.A Visual Tour

The visual aspect of this teaching helped to expand and anchor my sensitivity to each type more fully. You did an outstanding job in every aspect of your presentation.


The Essence Qualities: A Visual Tour + A Deeper Journey Into Essence

Who are you at your core and how can you begin to more deeply experience the qualities of your Essential self?

Begin your journey with the Enneagram or get a new perspective by taking a guided visual tour through a series of images that will help you to develop an instinctive understanding of what the Essence qualities look like, feel like, and evoke in you. Then, move more deeply into the innate intelligence of every human being by exploring the Three Centers (Instinctive, Feeling, and Thinking) and the Nine Types.

Each of these four previously-recorded webinars runs 45 – 55 minutes. Buy them separately for $20 each, or the whole set for $60!


More Workshop Options

Exploring new concepts in a group gives big-picture thinkers an energizing way to access, share, and amplify the power of their ideas.

Learning in a group allows big picture thinkers a real-time opportunity to practice the skill of connecting to others from a place that is grounded and centered in what they truly believe.  Workshops are designed to be practical, engaging, and to provide participants with fresh perspectives that will broaden thinking and strengthen the ability to move from concept to contribution.

Below are some examples of workshops that I’ve conducted for groups such as women entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical professionals. See if you find a topic that intrigues you, or contact me to discuss a custom workshop or speaking engagement for your group of big-picture thinkers.

Sample Workshop Descriptions

The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Authentic Connection

Participants leave this workshop with a deep sense of connection they can access in all of their relationships, personal or professional.

The most valuable part of the workshop was helping people to understand that both business expertise and emotional intelligence are needed to build the long-term client relationships that will make you successful.”

– Aimee Schenkel

We often associate the word “intelligence” with the cognitive powers of the mind. Over the last 20 years, there has been a rapidly growing understanding of how another kind of intelligence – emotional intelligence – strongly influences our experiences of ourselves and our relationships with others.

People with high levels of emotional intelligence know how to move gracefully through their own emotional states during the ups and downs of each day, and can build strong relationships with others that are mutually beneficial and deeply satisfying.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how the emotional intelligence that is built into your body makes decisions that connect  and protect you.
  • Begin to recognize and work with old patterns of emotional intelligence that no longer serve you.
  • Practice authentically connecting to yourself and others.

Declaring Your Vision

This workshop creates a great deal of energy and clarity for participants in a short period of time.

Having a clearly articulated vision for your business is essential to being able to choose effective action.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn simple techniques for getting aligned within yourself and exploring what’s possible for you.
  • Practice declaring a vision based on what you’ve discovered.

Stop Saying “Yes” When You Really Mean “No”

This workshop gives participants practical concepts and tools to say “yes” to what truly matters to them, and “no” to requests that do not fit with their intentions.

When you’re a person with many ideas and interests, you may feel overwhelmed with demands on your time.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Examine how the pressure to “say yes” shows up in your life.
  • Help you learn to determine what is within your control when those situations arise.
  • Practice effective communication techniques and body sensing exercises to assist you in responding to the many requests you encounter every day.

Tapping Into Your Inner Entrepreneur

This workshop helps participants to consider key distinctions between working for a large organization and working for yourself, and exposes them to skills that are increasingly in demand in the rapidly changing business world.

Many big-picture thinkers with big company experience find themselves contemplating entrepreneurship at some point in their career.

In this workshop, we explore three skills that are used by successful serial entrepreneurs:

  • Adapting in the face of uncertainty.
  • Generating new possibilities.
  • Acting confidently during opportunities and challenges.

Connecting to the Three Centers of Intelligence with the Enneagram

This 3-hour workshop combines discussion, guided meditation, and experiential exercises to explore practical ways to access the core intelligences of your essential self.

The Enneagram is a personality type system that provides an amazingly accurate narrative and developmental path for nine different types of the essential self, showing you what is possible when you move in the direction of your core nature, and how to recognize habitual beliefs, feelings, and actions that are standing in the way of your contribution.

One of the fundamental beliefs of the Enneagram is that we have three centers of intelligence: the instinctive center, or gut, located in the belly; the feeling center, located in the heart; and the thinking center, located in the head. When we add the intelligence of our belly and heart center to the intelligence of our minds, our concepts can become contributions.