Want to learn more about how you can CONNECT to your clients?

Real connection with others is what allows your concepts to evolve into contributions. Pairing emotional intelligence with technical expertise allows you to skillfully navigate conversations so that clients can understand how to implement your ideas.


Emotionally intelligent people stay present to their own feelings and needs, observe and listen to what the client is saying (and not saying!), know where the boundary is between themselves and others, and communicate in a clear and non-reactive manner that will move the discussion toward a mutually beneficial solution.

They set a clear tone for the relationship from the very first meeting, and provide the connection and guidance that each client needs to feel supported and confident in the services that they are receiving.

Building authentic relationships with your clients — where you honor their needs and preferences, and you are genuine about the conditions in which you do your best work — creates the environment that lets your ideal clients can see the value of what you bring to the table. When you see and hear your clients, and allow them to see who you are, you open the door to building a strong and lasting relationship.

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Speaking and Listening from Ground is a practice that brings the skills of Anytime Grounding into your relationships.