You’re a person who sees the whole picture…someone who can think more quickly, more expansively, more strategically, or more visually than most people you meet.

Maybe you left your job at a big company to start your own business. You wanted to be more innovative or live a more well-rounded life. You want to make a living, but your basic motivation is about making a contribution to something important.

Many ideas and possibilities interest you, and you want to focus on what matters – for you and for the people you want to serve.  You’re ready to take the next step, to learn how your insights and your approach can really land, to make the difference you know is possible.

Learn about the elements of moving  from concept to contribution.


Concepts take root when you're grounded.



Saying what matters gives concepts focus & direction.



Concepts are implemented in relationships.

  • Julie was an indispensable guide on my journey from corporate executive to home-based entrepreneur, bringing a unique set of skills and approaches. Within five months of beginning to work with her, I was able to bring in as much revenue in one quarter as I had expected to make all year."

    - Ellen Brett

  • Julie is kind, patient and encouraging, and she also understands the drive for success. She delves headlong into the market you are pursuing and presents you with ideas that you may not have even thought about. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who has a passion that they want to pursue as a career, or needs a boost of guidance and encouragement in their given field."

    - Susan Schwartz

  • Julie is a phenomenal listener. Working with her gave me the tools to reclaim and evolve my vision, which enabled me to make changes that had seemed nearly impossible a year earlier."

    - Diana Polack

  • Julie was a guide who enabled me to look at my whole life – professional, spiritual and physical – with absolute clarity."

    - Cathy Stephenson Vrsalovic

  • Julie combines extraordinary business acumen with a strong emphasis on working with the Self…Our work together has helped me to significantly increase the power and coherence of my offer."

    - Doug Silsbee

  • From my first meeting with Julie, I felt that she understood me, my current job situation, and my career goals so quickly that her advice, homework, and reading suggestions were spot on. Within two months, I had the leadership position that I was aiming for, and Julie supported me in transitioning and acclimating to my new work environment ."

    - Helaina Buzzeo

  • Working with Julie has been an incredible learning experience for me...{it's} about understanding myself down to my source code."

    - Randy Kissling


Intelligence for Big-Picture Thinkers

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