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EBR_headshot2.cropJulie was an indispensable guide on my journey from corporate executive to home-based entrepreneur, bringing a unique set of skills and approaches that has helped me to step into an exciting and fulfilling professional purpose that integrates with my new life. Although I was initially concerned about the investment in coaching, the payoff has been a great acceleration in my ability to take practical steps to move my ideas forward.  Within five months of beginning to work with Julie, I was able to bring in as much revenue in one quarter as I had expected to make all year.”

Ellen Brett

Who It’s For: Big-Picture Thinkers At a Transition Point

Big-picture thinkers work with me at different stages of their lives and careers.

Whether you are trying to narrow down concept possibilities, have a clear concept that you’re ready to turn into a bigger contribution, or feeling frustrated that your concept is not making the contribution you’ve envisioned, Concept to Contribution coaching is for you.

You might be:

  • Ready to start or ramp up an entrepreneurial endeavor after leaving a large company.
  • Looking for a new job, new career, or new level of contribution that fully leverages your gifts and interests.
  • Looking to optimize the way you lead your business so that you are making a deeper contribution to your field.
  • Interested in creating a dynamic culture for your business that will drive your team toward its full potential.
  • Wanting to make a more meaningful contribution while continuing your commitment to your family, your health, or other important personal interests.
  • Interested in bringing more creative expression to your work and life.
  • Wondering how to articulate or visualize your work in a way that clients can understand and adopt.

What We Cover: From Personality to Purpose

During the engagement, we attend to the important factors that enable your contribution in the world, moving seamlessly between your leadership development needs and the structural needs of the business.

I incorporate both tried-and-true business know-how with innovative approaches that will increase your access to your gifts as an individual and a leader.  You might make some surprising discoveries about where the greatest leverage is for you in leading your business.

I will help you to:

  • Clearly articulate what you want to bring into the world.
  • Determine what constitutes success for you and your business.
  • Identify characteristics of target customers who are ready to explore your ideas.
  • Learn to chunk your ideas in ways that will bring your customers along.
  • Become more skillful at business development and contract negotiation.
  • Identify and develop the skills, systems, or outside resources you need to be an effective entrepreneur.
  • Focus on critical business goals, drivers, and activities for the coming year.

How it Works: Consistent Structure, Personalized Content

The structure of a coaching engagement is similar for each client, but the content and approach will vary depending on who you are, how you learn best, and how far along you are in shaping your concepts into contributions.

My experience is that it takes time to practice and to integrate new perspectives and behaviors into your life so that they stay with you; most clients start with a six-month engagement. Because coaching is a process that requires mutual trust and commitment to serving your development, contact me for a complimentary consultation so that we can determine if it’s a good fit.

Step 1: Assessment and Direction

The first step is to get clear on how your situation is occurring to you, where you want to go, what seems to be standing in the way, and what you’ve tried already.

This step includes:

  • An in-depth, 60-90 minute Assessment Session – you’d be amazed at how much territory we can cover in that period of time.  Often, just having the opportunity to thoroughly discuss what’s happening for you opens up a lot of space and insight for moving forward.
  • Two personality assessments that will help us to create a context for understanding your fundamental gifts and obstacles.
  • A co-developed Purpose & Outcomes that states what we will be working toward.  The Purpose declares the overall direction of the engagement, and why that matters to you.  The Outcomes are three or four observable competencies that describe what you will be able to do differently at the end of our work together.
Step 2: Coaching Program

The heart of a coaching engagement blends discussion and action.  I will help you to enhance your self-awareness and awareness of others, identify and recommend paths of development for specific skills that will move you toward your desired outcome, stretch you toward consideration of fresh perspectives, and help you to create the touchstones that will be the foundation  for moving your business activities forward in a powerful, authentic way.

Practicing new skills is an essential component of your coaching program. Talking helps to see things differently, but real change comes from actively engaging in a new way.

This step includes:

  • A customized program that can include reading, self-observation, practices, and exercises.
  • Four scheduled meetings each month, alternating between 60-minute coaching sessions and 15 minutes check-ins.
  • Opportunities to learn and practice new skills, both during and between sessions.
  • Periodic reassessment to ensure that we are on track.
Step 3: Completion and Planning for Self-Generation

My intention during a coaching engagement is to help you to develop the self-awareness and the skills that will help you be resilient and generating your own growth and development long after we’ve finished working together. In preparation for the end of a coaching engagement, clients have a structured opportunity to reflect and plan for the future.

In our final session we will:

  • Review how you’ve met your Purpose & Outcomes, what helped you get there, what challenges you faced along the way, and what the key takeaways were from our work together.
  • Plan for how you will continue to support yourself moving forward and what’s next for you.

Have more questions?  Take a look at the FAQ, or click here to set up a complimentary consultation.

Promises: Mine & Yours

I promise to be trustworthy, to adapt to your learning style, to listen carefully, to speak truthfully and respectfully, and to remain objective so that I can create the environment in which you can move forward. I will recommend a developmental path that will move you toward your desired outcomes and stretch you toward consideration of fresh perspectives.

I ask that you promise to be honest about your intentions, needs, thoughts and behaviors, to be open to new ways of looking at and doing things, and to take responsibility for your choices and actions during the engagement. The extent to which you engage in the coaching process is the extent to which you will see a benefit from our work together.  

Julie combines extraordinary business acumen with a strong emphasis on working with the Self. She deeply understands the complexity of integrating who we are with what we do in the world. Our work together has helped me focus my energies more strategically, engage in new initiatives that are already producing positive results, and significantly increase the power and coherence of my offer, while reducing extraneous activities that don’t add value. Julie’s services were a terrific investment with clear and measurable payoff."

- Doug Silsbee

Our work together will help you to recognize, access, and activate 
the gifts that you already possess 
so that they can be powerfully expressed in the world.

Let’s talk so that:

  • I can learn more about you and why you’re considering coaching.
  • You can learn more about me, and how I work with my clients.
  • We can both get a feel for whether we would work well together.