Stay in the Fire

Often, we start a new cycle in a blaze of excitement and glory. And then it slowly….dies…. down.

This year, I invite you to stay in the steady glow of the fire. To stay in the power of the commitments that you’ve made, the ones that really matter to you.

Here are three ingredients to help keep the fire burning:
  • Possibility: Possibility is your fuel. If you haven’t asked yourself “What’s possible for me this year?”, now is the time. Ask yourself and see what emerges. Remember that possible is not the same as probable. “What’s likely to happen?” is question that constrains possibilities; “What’s possible?” opens them. If you’re feeling blocked or not sure where to start, try listening to What Matters Now?, a practice for getting in touch with what’s most important.
  • Aliveness: Feeling our aliveness and excitement is like a steady supply of oxygen that keeps the fire burning. We can get discouraged when we can’t feel our excitement anymore; it’s taking longer than we thought, or it’s more complicated, or an obstacle appears, and we convince ourselves that the fire is gone. Staying with Your Excitement is a practice for reconnecting to your sense of aliveness and stoking the fire.
  • Declaration: Declaring your commitment is a great way to keep the fire going. My commitment this year is to be in more conversations with people who want to put their ideas into the world. It can be useful to work with a trusted friend or colleague and exchange declarations.
P.S. The picture is from a 2009 family vacation to Paris. The fire jugglers were mesmerizing, until one of them missed catching a baton and sent it hurtling into the crowd, lightly singing my husband’s shirt. Read on for what to do if your fire is burning too broadly!

Fire burning out of control? For some folks, keeping the fire burning is so easy that before they know it…wildfire! If this is you, the same principles apply, but you’re coming at the first two from the opposite direction:

  • Possibility: You may have so many possibilities in mind that you’re shooting in every direction. Use What Matters Now? to center yourself so that you have an overall direction and focus. Keep using the practice daily to set your intention for the day.
  • Aliveness: Steady burn is the key here. Listen to Anytime Grounding, a practice that plugs your energy and aliveness into the earth so that it has a firm foundation. Return to your grounding practice every time you feel the fire starting to leave the barn and spread out into the forest.

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