Taking Right Action

Have you ever said or done something and knew, deep in your bones, that it was the right action to take? If so, you’ve experienced the sensation of Integrity.

Being guided by Integrity feels energizing and purposeful, like a clear, directed channel that sweeps away constrictions and effortlessly focuses your movement. I’ve felt this sensation emerge during conversations that have been mired in conflict, when an apology or an expression of authentic emotion has broken the stalemate. At other times, I’ve found myself standing up to make a declaration that was so congruent with my truth that it rang inside me like a bell.

What do you do if you’re struggling to focus your words and actions and that sensation feels unfamiliar, or you’ve lost your connection to it?

I had the opportunity this month to create a powerful meditation for a group of friends and colleagues that opens the channel to this felt sense of Integrity. It enables you to experience the intelligence and flexibility of your spine, a key ingredient in the foundation of your physical alignment. When you can sense this alignment, your words and action flow from the unique way that you are structured.

If this sounds weird or counterintuitive, I’ll tell you this: my clients are pretty smart cookies, and they generally don’t need help from me in building more brainpower. One of the fundamental skills I teach them is how to tap into the intelligence of their bodies. Those skills shift their ability to catalyze their brainpower in ways that they could not have anticipated.

If you’re used to creating strategy from the head down (thinking first, and then taking action in your body), this is a refreshing way to experiment with moving from the ground up (sensing the alignment, then allowing that knowing to percolate up to your head to be translated into conscious action). Access it here and try it!

Photo by Julie Harris (banyan tree in Hawaii)

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