Transforming Your Relationships: Part III

Okay, you’ve done your best to be proactive with yourself and your clients, and even so, sometimes conflicts do arise. Conflicts are not necessarily a problem; they can actually be a way that we take our relationships to another level.

In Part II of this series, we learned some ways to unlock your own point of view, but what about if your client seems entrenched?

An incredibly useful teaching of the Enneagram gives us some perspective on how people can get stuck when trying to resolve conflict. The Enneagram tells us that people generally … READ MORE

Transforming Your Relationships: Part I

You have a service that helps people. You’re an expert in this particular area and you know that you can bring solutions that have amazing impact. Only problem is, the people you’re trying to help are often challening to work with. Sound familiar?

You probably had no idea that such a huge part of your skill set was going to involve emotional intelligence. Yet time and time again, I observe that what makes or breaks your business success is your ability to skillfully work with your client’s emotions – before, during, and after the “work” is … READ MORE