Mindfulness? Actually, It’s Bodyfulness.

Here are two things you can do in 2017 that would make a huge difference in your life:

Learn to be present to the sensations of your body.
Practice connecting with those sensations on a regular basis.

Why, when everyone is talking about mindfulness, am I talking about physical sensation?

Because the mind can be anywhere – past, future, fantasy — but the body is always here now. Tuning into your body begins a pathway to an incredible stream … READ MORE

What’s the Difference between Power + Force?

prague-lion-cropFill in the blank:

Power is ____________.

Sexy? A dirty word? Easily abused? The way things get done? The natural order of the universe?

Generally, my clients fall into one of two camps in their relationship to Power:

Comfortable with how Power is expressed through them. Confident and direct in their expression. May sometimes be perceived as forceful, or may actually be more forceful than is necessary. Sometimes aware of that, sometimes not.
Uncomfortable about how Power is expressed through them. Ambivalent about … READ MORE

Mastering the Art of Yes and No

shiva yes and noA few years ago, I was facilitating a panel that was set up to help emerging entrepreneurs understand what it’s like when you’re starting-up a business, when you have a couple of years under your belt, and when you’re in it for the long run. As the discussion unfolded, a pattern became clear:

New entrepreneurs say “yes” to many of the opportunities that come their way. They are discovering their ideal clients, their ideal set … READ MORE

Set Your Intention, Leave Some Space

249In our changing, complex, and uncertain world, finding reliable guidance can sometimes feel completely out of reach. One of my favorite books on entrepreneurship (Just Start — check it out on my Resources page) highlights some important research that distills the entrepreneurial approach to dealing with such complexity into three simple principles: 

Take a small, smart step forward
Pause to see what you learn
Build the learning into your next step

This approach was first articulated by Professor … READ MORE

Transforming Your Relationships: Part III

empathy words from Kripalu.compressedOkay, you’ve done your best to be proactive with yourself and your clients, and even so, sometimes conflicts do arise. Conflicts are not necessarily a problem; they can actually be a way that we take our relationships to another level.

In Part II of this series, we learned some ways to unlock your own point of view, but what about if your client seems entrenched?

An incredibly useful teaching of the Enneagram gives us … READ MORE